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I also think he’s possibly lying about himself and his feelings for me.

My head says walk away and forget him, but my heart is just waiting for the next time he cares to call.

We have now agreed we will leave it and not contact one another again, but I have fallen for him big time.

No one else interests me or gives me the thrill he does, yet I feel he is playing games with me.

One time he asked me to stay at his but then made up excuses about not feeling well, so I had to leave after a couple of hours.

We have both said we love one another but he gives such mixed messages.

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Even after weeks of meeting you still know next to nothing about him, so he is more ­fantasy than reality.We can be attracted to what we know, even if it’s emotionally damaging. Every problem gets a personal reply, usually within 24 hours weekdays.Finding genuine love starts with ­loving yourself and setting your ­standards high about what you will and will not accept from a guy. will help you recognise the difference and stop you going down this same path in the future. You can also send a private message on the Dear Deidre Official Facebook page. He wanted to come to mine again so I agreed but this time he left soon after we’d had sex. We never really talk and I ­realise I know very little about his life.He is vague about what he does and never discusses his ­family or friends.

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