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✔ Sea TREK An ultimate underwater adventure wearing a diving helmet as you walk underwater surrounded by marine life. ✔ Glass Bottom Ride See a whole new perspective on marine life without getting wet.Ride on the surface of the country’s deepest tank as you enjoy a bird’s eye view of various aquatic animals.Amidst all its commercial activity, Cebu features numerous white sand beaches, historical sites, various museums, and churches.With Cebu Island achieving independence from colonial rule in 1946, historic monuments of its old colonial past include Magellan’s Cross, Fort San Pedro, and Basilica Minore del Santo Nino.Get to see river giants all in one tank, hand-feed Australian lories & lorikeets, and discover more about freshwater fish mostly found in the Amazon and African rivers.Go beyond your usual impression of reptiles and insects as sources of fear and nightmares.

If you're looking for a beach holiday in Cebu, Mactan Island is the place to be.An underwater walkway will lead the visitors to a breathtaking 360-degree viewing tunnel to come face to face with big, toothy sharks, colorful reef fish, graceful rays, and many more.Trek through a jungle of remarkable collections of freshwater fish and other faunas!✔ Mermaid Swim Encounter Fulfill your wildest dreams of being a mermaid (or merman) even just for a day!Learn how to swim and glide with a mermaid tail through a 45-minute program.

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