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Reduced Relationship Longevity Recent research shows that relationships involving highly attractive individuals are less likely to endure over the long term, perhaps due to the tendency to be unfaithful discussed above. Recent research using a variety of different methods shows that more attractive individuals are more likely to divorce, that they have shorter relationships, and that they are less likely to choose to pursue attractive alternative partners (Ma-Kellams et al., 2017). And if your unattractiveness is partly due to lifestyle choices, these can be addressed.

It means to be at peace with the fact that you are objectively uglier than most. As with all forms of acceptance, the key is to realize that you have little power over the situation as it is, aside from the genuine possibility of cosmetic surgery (though that is not always feasible or desired).

On the plus side, this takes a lot of responsibility off your shoulders.

It’s not your fault that you look the way you look.

Additionally, women partnered with attractive, masculine men report more frequent orgasms (Puts et al., 2012); this finding alone may make some of you stop reading now and pursue the most attractive, masculine guy you can. Attractive, Masculine Men Are More Likely to Cheat Women may be less interested in dating attractive men over the long term because of these men's higher propensity to be unfaithful. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 1(1), 34–42.

Women perceive attractive men as both more likely to cheat and more likely to leave long-term relationships (Waynforth, 2001).

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Men's masculinity and attractiveness predict their female partners' reported orgasm frequency and timing.

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