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By the end of the film, he comes close to marrying a woman he hates, all because he wasn’t brave enough to ask Andie Mac Dowell out in the first place! Who Framed Roger Rabbit is surprisingly romantic for a film famed for creating one of the sexiest ever cartoons, Jessica Rabbit.

Admittedly, there are many aspects of American Beauty that are more warnings than lessons but there is one overriding theme: life is what you make of it.If I said I didn’t enjoy watching fictional characters fall in love on screen, I’d be lying.I love a good romantic comedy – especially if it’s a movie that shares little nuggets of wisdom about dating and love.In the first film, Bridget found a great job and the perfect man but this time around she almost ruins it all by over-analysing everything.It’s frustrating to watch but reminds us all that you shouldn’t look for problems when they aren’t there. This Oscar-winning film follows Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey) as he realises that his life is barely worth living.

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