Dating someone with ocd

One of the best things a close friend or significant other is able to do for us is to love every part of us, rituals and obsessive tendencies included.It turns an unforgiving part of our daily life into something with meaning.We’ve been stuck in these mental loops since we were children, and we still haven’t been able to make sense of them or get out.If you try to understand why we do what we do, you might just get trapped in its logic too.

While this may hold true for many of those afflicted, OCD is characterized by any type of uncontrollable checking or obsession with specific patterns of thinking.

Now, before I begin, I just want to say that I'm really sorry if I offend anyone. However, I think it's best to explain my situation as clearly as possible. He cooked for me, and he honestly washed his hands after touching anything: every new vegetable, plate etc.

His house is spotless clean, and there are cleaning products (especially wipes) in every room.

Once I started noticing it, it became obvious that he has OCD.

He doesn't have a wallet (he finds cash dirty), he brings his own cutlery to restaurants, and loads more.

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However, that doesn’t change the fact that we have to do what our rituals dictate, keyword here being “obsessive.” All that telling us how ridiculous we are being will do is make us upset, which in turn revs up our patterns of behaviour even more.

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