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Through “content analysis,” researchers can study how people market themselves.

“And it allows us to see people’s preferences in a way people wouldn’t admit to,” he said.

[3] uses information such as middle-finger-to-ring-finger length ratios (digit ratio), an indication of testosterone levels, and personality type matching assessments, such as by asking people "do you like to count things"; counters have high dopamine levels and tend to be the "explorer type".

By having singles send in saliva samples, the site facilitates a laboratory analysis of each person's immune system type and, using this data, claims to create optimized “physical chemistry” or "sexual chemistry" between people based on the sweaty T-shirt study, a pattern, discovered in 1995, which finds that people are most attracted to the smell of people who have the most-dissimilar immune system.

The organization's founder started an international conservation organization and has been managing that full-time since 2009.

Database diving into online dating sites, researchers at UC Berkeley’s School of Information are providing statistical proof of, well, pretty much everything our grandmother told us.

“But I’m not sure we’ll ever find the algorithm that eliminates the need to actually get to know someone,” said one of the new field’s leading researchers, UC Berkeley’s Andrew Fiore, who met his girlfriend through a flesh-and-blood friend. In the past, Fiore said, researchers were confined to studying people’s preferences in the lab — an artificial environment.

“This is not an exact science,” Fiore said, “no matter what we do.” Contact Lisa M.

In dating sites, science-based online dating sites are those pair-matching websites that claim to use “science”, such as chemistry, genetics, psychology, or the scientific method, etc., to match up potential couples.

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