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Try not to stay in your head, and if you’re stuck just make observational statements about things you notice about her, and get her to expand on her responses.

This is great for her too as she doesn’t know you that well, but she does know herself so mentioning things you notice about her gives her opportunities to talk about something she knows a lot about – herself!

When you’re able to do this calmly, without pursuing an outcome, you come across as not desperate, which is something you never want her to think of you.

You should try to seduce her, nothing overt, just holding her gaze and maintaining eye contact where appropriate.

This doesn’t mean that you should run your own dictatorship!

Picking a date location that you’re comfortable with is HUGE, as does having a plan of what you’re going to do afterward or the possible options.

This allows her to actually speak, and encourages her to invest in the interaction.

You never want to be the one doing all the work, as it conveys you’re not enough so you must compensate by trying to please her.

Even when there are awkward silences, just embrace them knowing that the situation will pass and there’ll be better chemistry and it always does.

Don’t feel the need to always jump in and fill the gaps with talking. Maybe even shoot her a wry smile to convey you’re confident and don’t even need to keep the conversation going.

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