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Marrying outside the Church brings with it many problems to overcome from the start—problems relating to worship, prayer, the Sabbath, Holy Days, Feast times, holidays, children, foods and more.God does not want us to bring upon ourselves more challenges than are already there by choosing a mate who does not live His way.

Church sizes had decreased, church activities were few and far between, and young people were all so spread out.How can you date someone who lives three states away?I had so many objections and I was at a loss for understanding how one could possibly find a mate against all those odds. It’s not like we’re going to get married.” I was so frustrated with my parents.How embarrassing it was to have to turn him down because my parents wouldn’t let me date outside the Church. There were good guys in “the world.” A few of them really seemed to be of higher character than some guys I knew in the Church. This was not the first time my parents and I had disagreed over this, and it was not to be the last.

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