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I grew up in Bellevue, right across the lake from Seattle, but moved to the city once I was old enough to get out of my moms' house.

I moved out of the city 7 years ago so I don't know how good my advice will be, but I will say that there didn't seem to be any shortage of women in the dating scene while I was there.

As a Gay man, I've been using Grindr for years which is essentially this with a little more freedom and a lot less hype.

The app has been extremely successful in our community and has severely changed(ruined) the way gay men interact with one another.

This subreddit has been helpful in finding what neighborhood to live in and what to expect with rent, traffic, and public transportation and we really appreciate all the advice you put on here.

Numerous products have tried to do the same with Heterosexuals, but most have been a failure due to the overwhelming amounts of males using the services compared to females.

I don't see how this service plans to be successful charging A DAY for using it, that's absolutely insane, to me at least.

It's (usually) more personable and more socially oriented than the subreddit. I'm still kind of new to this and dipping my toes in for now.

I may want to stay anonymous for a bit :-)Speaking of online groups, have you used Meetup for any Seattle events and how did that go?

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The one subject I can't find real recent info on is the Seattle dating scene.

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