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Students that are missing forms will be easily identified by school staff for correction.

All requirements must be completed for an athlete to be ruled eligible for competition.

School admin will assign player’s accounts to sports teams once they are officially on a roster.

There are many forms from the AHSAA and Madison City that can be signed digitally on the app or website.

In order to get started, each parent and athlete should follow the directions in the start up flyer by clicking here. Once player accounts are set up, male athletes should sign up for the Men’s Tryout Pool and females for the Female Tryout Pool.

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Once the forms are completed and signed, that is it. Certain forms such as birth certificates, physicals, copies of insurance cards, and sportsmanship forms will need to be uploaded to the system by taking a good picture and uploading to the correct space. The date on the physical should be the date entered by the parent, and the physical must be signed by student, parent, and a physician (not a nurse).

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