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But this aspiring writer in 1836 London is in for a big surprise when she discovers that Jack, the late-night visitor she assumed to be the “hired help,” is actually a giant of the London publishing industry.Though Jack didn’t actually leave with Amanda’s virginity that night, he Whispers of Ian Mackenzie’s past follow him everywhere, and involve insane asylums, suspected murder, and madness.

But an act of violent betrayal destroys any trace of love Tonatiuh has for Amy, leading to a decade-long grudge.Now, he’s a formidable military commander—and he’s determined to apprehend his former lover.But as soon as he’s captured Amy, she recaptures his heart.After being wrongfully convicted, she’s shipped away to a life of indentured servitude—and tempting suitors—in the American colonies.First, there’s her master, an irritable but handsome plantation owner.

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