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You can configure the symbols to correspond with a variety online services, including Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, and Slack, and marking one means your page will automatically be sent there when you scan it.The Elifinbook Mini and Elfinbook 2.0 are also compatible with many cloud-based services, but the process isn't quite as seamless.The Evo Planner takes a more creative approach to scheduling.Each day, you write down what is most important to get done, both personally and professionally.

That also means we aren’t forced to go back and transcribe anything, or to adapt to a new form of note taking, so we won’t look like the Millennials around us who are furiously thumbing their lectures into their phones.Having ugly scribble for handwriting had its advantages in those days.If any of my private poetry or musings fell into the wrong hands, the eyes associated with those hands probably wouldn’t have been able to read it.At the end of the day, you give yourself a score, then scan the page.The app aggregates your scores over time, and provides insights into what factors contribute to or detract from your productivity.

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