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You set the table prefix as part of the installation routine for php BB so if you're about to set up a new forum then don't change this!I'm sure there is some way of altering the Doku Wiki code to account for any changes to the prefix that is made but I don't know the first thing about php or my SQL so I can't tell you what to change.After the search has been performed, the worm parses the resulting page and attempts to exploit a vulnerability in php BB software.

Do have any sample or demo site that has used this setup? Andrew Abogado Ok, I'm terribly sorry but I don't completely understand what all I should be doing to integrate these two things. Very useful idea, but this doesn't really explain what to do!

Then follow the instructions behind Another phpbb.That means: Copy the code completely to a plain text file named phpbb.and store it in inc/auth. — berlindave 2007-12-15 I just wrote a new php BB 3 integration guide.

Change the path ($phpbb_root_path = $location.'../phpbb2/';) in the script to the path to your php BB board (Important, otherwise the script will not find files stored there). The users have to be registered with the forum and if they open the wiki accordingly, their usernames should be displayed in the lower left corner of the main Dokuwiki window. (php BB 2.0.22 & Doku Wiki 2007-06-26b) But I discovered one Problem yet: When editing a page, if I try to use “insert signature”, there's always the signature of the old Admin (the one I defined when setting up Doku Wiki) inserted.

Is there any way someone could make this a little clearer about which files are being edited where, which of it is mysql, which of the files should be created. I'm not very good with my SQL or php, so it'd be great if someone could simplify this for us (most of the work is already done I imagine)….

I agree written extremely poorly I am still trying to fix the problems and I've been working on it for 4 hours now!

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