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Perhaps you are married too and are looking to have some fun – though we’d warn you to proceed at your own risk. And when you have made up your mind to seduce a married man, you must first identify his weaknesses – a bad marriage, a nasty partner, lusty nature or flirty behaviour?And once you have identified his weaknesses, you can look at attacking them using the tips given below.‘Sexting’, as it is popularly known can keep your man aroused all day long.A text with a subtle hint or a few suggestive words can make his imagination go vivid.He will associate the scent with you, and probably look for you around even if someone else wears it.You do not have to be near him to seduce him, thanks to the technology-driven world we live in.To seduce a man, especially if he is married, you basically need to convince him to do something that may not be socially acceptable.Seduction has lust at play, and you will use tips to make him lust for you, no matter whoever he is with.

Seduction, my friend is an art, and one that plays with human psychology.

All you need is to be a little creative and somewhat flirty. Related reading: How to seduce a man through text messaging?

Seduction is an art, and it surely does not involve showing off all your lady parts at once.

He may start to have ideas, and may imagine stuff that you want him to.

Time your texts so that he gets to feel them, not just read and forget about them.

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Women love to get involved with married men as they are more matured and experienced in life.

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