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Specialty dating sites such as those for Jewish singles, those seeking a rural partner, or ones that cater to older adults can provide some of this initial filtering.

While this is not unusual and can be a step in relationship progression, others intentionally went looking for love.

As long as partners are on the same page about their expectations, each individual is likely to be more satisfied with how the union unfolds.

Next, look for partners with whom you already share an interest.

Online dating can be a pathway to successful unions, particularly if individuals are clear about their initial expectations for the relationship, seek out others with shared interests, and transition the union offline relatively quickly.

And, importantly, seeking out partners who have similar characteristics as you do rather than being overly prescriptive or consistently trying to “punch above your weight” can be a key to winning the game of love in cyberspace. D., is a professor in the Department of Policy Analysis and Management at Cornell University Amanda Miller, Ph.

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