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Only color (of handle/scabbard) and the mode of pommel attachment can do that. I will be sure to get more pictures of my knife of the daylight when possible.

Have to work late today and tomorrow so it may be Friday or Saturday before I am able to add them.

Tim This is a Knife, Combat, Sheathed Specification MIL-K-20277 as manufactured by the Camillus Cutlery Company between 1962 when they began supplying them on contract to the military until February 1974 when the N. Earlier production by Camillus was in what collectors call "oxblood" (not an official designation) which is a very dark brown with a trace of red.

Gary makes some important points about how to refine the dating of your knife.

However, I cannot tell from the photographs presented whether the leather handle is 'oxblood' colored or black nor can I tell whether the leather of the scabbard is black or a really dark brown or a lighter brown/tan that is heavily soiled through use and age.

Based on color, and pics of others that were dyed or darkened.

When my scabbard wore, I'd put brown shoe polish & buff it, to keep it from drying out.

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Plus water was tough on the late scabbards, they'd turn gray around the bottom and stitches. SKIP Tim- There were a lot of WW2 veterans still on active duty in the 60's, right up into the early 70's. We know the knife is pre-74, and having owned and carried one at that time, I believe the scabbard is late also.

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