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One of the most common was a credit report scam, in which a fraudulent poster instructs a would-be tenant to click a link and purchase a credit report.

The scammer gets a referral commission from the credit reporting site even though there is no property for rent.

Using an automated conversation engine, the team engaged some suspicious posters by email, which yielded another set of common features associated with scam communications, namely a set of keywords and personal circumstances—the responders always claimed to be out of the country—as well as common IP addresses and embedded links that prospective renters were asked to click.

Mc Coy and his collaborators detected and analyzed about 29,000 fraudulent listings in 20 major cities, ultimately mapping the listings into seven distinct scam categories, most of which involved credit card payments.

Savvier home hunters spot these scams immediately, but others fall through the cracks, making popular rental listing sites like Craigslist a highly lucrative spot for fraud.

A new study by researchers at the New York University Tandon School of Engineering finds that Craigslist fails to identify more than half of scam rental listings on the site's pages and that suspicious postings often linger for as long as 20 hours before being removed—more than enough time to snare victims, especially in competitive housing markets.

Scammers make money by requesting a rent deposit via wire transfer from prospective tenants.

By responding to these ads and analyzing IP addresses and banking wire information, the researchers learned that most of these schemes originate in Nigeria and are administered by a small group of "scam factories." Another pervasive scam involved "realtor service" companies, in which victims are asked to pay both an upfront fee and a monthly membership fee to access listings of pre-foreclosure rentals or rent-to-own properties.

In the majority of cases, the companies leading the scams have no connection to the properties listed.

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