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The person that launched this horrific attack against the congregation showed a total lack of compassion, love and care for his neighbours.

To attack a Bible-study group is an act of Christianophobia.

This is a special one that I thought was necessary to write this article in the light of recent events, namely the Charleston shooting.

To attack, a praying person is an act made by a coward. We that calls ourselves Christians believes in a loving God that sent His only Son to save the entire human race (John -17), period.

We should not judge the attacker since that will be up to the court to decide his earthly punishment and to God his divine judgement.

What we should do is pray, for the victims, for the attacker, for the entire congregation, for everyone that knows someone, either a victim or the attacker and we should forgive him for what he has done. When we turn to the Bible we should focus on forgiveness, not revenge and most certainly not avenge this horrific shooting.

Now, I will use this small comment on this particular quote from the Bible and explain why I consider the Charleston Shooting to be a hate crime not just targeted against a specific Methodist congregation in Charleston, South Carolina, United States but towards the entire worldwide Christianity.

I really think so because any attack made by anyone a congregation, it doesn’t matter which colour of the skin people that belongs to that church has, is an attack on all Christians.

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