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Sarah, 28, Rittenhouse: I recently finished “App-free August” in an attempt to focus on meeting people in everyday life.

It’s just as difficult as you’d imagine, as every else is on their phones!

And while some of their answers are optimistic (You mean you actually meet men in person? We’ve seen our friends get married and we’ve heard the online dating success stories, so we keep going.

All with the hopes that one day, we’ll find a guy who will laugh at the same TV shows as us, know exactly how we take our cocktails and our coffee, and surprise us with flowers, just because.

I also think that with some apps, like Bumble, the girl is making the first move, so I feel somewhat obligated to suggest a date.

Tiffany, 28, Fairmount: The majority of dates I go on are from meeting people out at the bar, both at night and/or happy hour.

At our age, it can be really tough because people aren’t as social in today’s world.

There were times I could meet 3-4 different guys for dates in and be loving life.

And then, there have also been times when, after rushing out of a second date I really shouldn’t have gone on in the first place, I’ve spilled out onto 13th Street, called my dad laughing/yelling/crying, and questioned, why am I even doing this?!

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I think Independence Beer Garden, Morgans Pier, or Tria make for great first date spots!

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