Dating how to get him to commit

The candle that burns the brightest, burns the quickest.Even if he’s the one pressuring you to hang out all the time, it doesn’t mean that you should.As long as the surprises aren’t over-the-top ordeals that put him in an awkward situation (i.e., surprise parties), then he truly will appreciate his lady taking the time to do something thoughtful for him.If you want to try to surprise your man, consider making a nice dinner, picking up his favourite beer, or even stashing cute love notes in his lunch bag.Many guys are only “players” because they lack confidence in relationships and wouldn’t know how to settle down if they wanted to.Continue to take things slow but treat him with kindness and compassion and he’ll learn to do the same. Women tend to be afraid they’ll end up all alone while men are more often worried that they’ll get “wifed up” and will miss the chance to be with many different women.

Space out your time with him so that every date is special. Even if he seems confident, he may have almost no experience with women or relationships.It doesn’t matter if your nylons got a pull on your way out the door and caused you to change, or that traffic was backed up for blocks; the key is to be prepared and to anticipate these kind of incidents.Treat every occasion like a first date; you wouldn’t keep him waiting then, so maintain the same attitude.Being on time for someone is a sign of respect, so if you have plans to meet your man somewhere, then be there when you say you will.There is very rarely an acceptable excuse for being late; in fact, you should aim to arrive 10 minutes ahead of time so that unexpected delays don’t affect your schedule.

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Because even if you’re talking about the weather, if you’re planning your honeymoon in your head, he’ll be able to tell something is up.

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