Dating fender deluxe reverb amp

View the underside of the chassis (flashlight helps alot)look for the reverb driver trans.

Why has the desire for low wattage amps with 20-25 watts of tube power come up so late?

And with all these features, the Tone Master Deluxe Reverb is in fact about only half the weight of an all-tube Deluxe.

Front panel features give guitarists a playing experience identical to the tube version, including Fender’s world-standard reverb and tremolo effects.

(10.4 kg)- Wattage: 100 Watts (simulates 22W tube amp performance)- Output Power: Full/22W, 12W, 5W, 1W, 0.5W, 0.2W- Inputs: Four 1/4” - Two Normal and Two Vibrato- Line Out: Balanced XLR with Cabinet IR, Ground Lift and Level Control- Channels: Two - (Normal and Vibrato)- Speaker: One - 12” Jensen N-12K neodymium- Cabinet Material: Lightweight Solid Pine- Covering: Black Textured Vinyl- Grille Cloth: Silver- Footswitch: 2-Button Footswitch Included z Zounds customer service over the phone and online was very pleasant and responsive in answering my questions.

Summary The Deluxe Reverb 1×12″ has for decades been one of the most popular amps among all Fender amps, and its popularity is still growing as the demand for low wattage tube amps increases.

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