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According to most players, quality for both brands has fluctuated over the past decade or two, as have the exact specs and designs being brought to the table.With all that in mind, we thought we'd spend some time today trying to answer what makes Epiphone and Gibson different today.But over the past decade, the offerings have expanded into signature guitars, new designs not currently offered by Gibson, and a few totally fresh originals.On the acoustic front, for instance, Epiphone recently launched its archtop Masterbilt line that brought back many of the company's original acoustic jazz models.Epiphone generally uses a number of woods for its cap that are not always the same as the body wood.In most cases, though, Epiphone uses a very thin maple veneer.

The two companies were competitors in the archtop market in the 1930s and during the development of the earliest electric models.

Gibson has been increasingly adding baked maple, granadillo, poplar, and basswood into its guitar and bass lines, especially following the controversial raid of its wood stock by the federal government in 2011.

For any given type of wood — maple, for instance — there are very different species that grow in different locations.

In 1957, Gibson purchased Epiphone and used the brand as a way to broaden their distribution network and, eventually, to expand production beyond just the US.

It's a long and entwined history, but for most modern players, Epiphone is seen first and foremost as the current low-end of the wider Gibson catalog.

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