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This knowledge is what inspired Amanda to try to work in the area of overseas development — the ultimate goal being to work for the United Nations.“After completing a BA in Applied Languages in UL, living abroad a few times, moving to Dublin, working in hospitality for four years, completing an MA in Gender Studies in UCD, and spending time in Mexico working with women affected by prostitution, my long-time dream of working in the UN finally came true,” says Amanda.“I was beginning to despair of ever putting my experience to good use, and thinking I’d end up forever pouring pints, when I came across the UN Volunteers programme sponsored by Irish Aid.

Every year, Irish Aid sponsor around 10 Irish 20-somethings to go abroad and work for the United Nations for 12 months.

The new IRP has exactly the same legal status as the old GNIB card.

It does not give you any new rights or entitlements and your responsibilities stay the same.

If your visit to the registration office is successful, the immigration officer will: Your registration certificate is called the Irish Residence Permit (IRP). From 11 December 2017 the new IRP has replaced the GNIB card. From 11 December 2017 all existing registration certificates known as 'GNIB cards' are being replaced by the new Irish Residence Permit (IRP).

Check your immigration roadmap before you come to Ireland, eg if you need a visa.

If you need a visa and you intend to stay for longer than 90 days, you must apply for a Long Stay (D) Visa.

From a young age, her parents told Amanda and her brother about conditions overseas.

She became acutely aware that not everyone was as lucky as her — there are people around the world living in poverty.

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She soon landed an exciting UN job in Hanoi — but now she’s happy to be back in Ireland and surrounded by family this Christmas, writes Kelly O’Brien.

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