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Yet I find it awkward when people ask whether we have kids.

(Despite my age, I still look like I'm in prime child-bearing years. ) Some people flat-out ask why we don't have kids, and I've tried different answers.

I've never done a long-distance relationship, but with my track record of losing myself in relationships and hating the beginning stages and wanting to just skip to the part where we are best friends and comfortable with each other, I feel like the distance would be a good thing until we decide if we want to actually be in the same city.

What advice do you have on long distance relationships?

Then select your choice under “Wants Kids” accordingly.

If you choose “Don’t want kids” you’ll get fewer matches, but they’ll all share your beliefs.

Just by asking this question, you've blown your resolution.

But don't feel bad; mine was to be less critical of others and you can see how that's working out.

") What I want to say to these strangers and acquaintances is that I am so sure my mind won't change that I had my tubes tied in my early 30s and that it was one of the best decisions I ever made, because I would not be a good pregnant lady and would be an even worse mother.

This often comes off in the wrong way and may scare away some people who would have otherwise been interested in you.

Decide whether you want better quality matches or more matches.

Ladies, here’s a secret for you – expand your search to include men who check “Someday.” Most men who check that option mean “Someday, if my wife wants them.” They want what you want, and if you want no kids, most of them would be perfectly fine with that.

Remember, you’re in the minority, so you’ll need to put a little more effort into your search.

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The dating world can be tough enough as it is, but what if you hold an opinion that flies in the face of the whole “purpose” of dating?

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