Dating divas sweet treats

😀 To DOWNLOAD, just click on the image above and then RIGHT-CLICK and SAVE.

Then OPEN IT IN WORD, Re-size it to what you want, PRINT and CUT OUT! I then put it in this frame from Cut it Out: I love that it’s simple and fits in right with the rest of my decor (which I will be showing on here later this week!

I owe you" coupons, held together with heart paperclip (Free printable for the coupons HERE) Extra pictures below.

- An "XOXO" sticky note to be filled out (Purchase HERE) - Pictures of the "gifter" or the couple (Needs to be added) - A "kiss" (needs to be added) Contents of this envelope: - A letter (Needs to be added) - 2 quotes - "I'm sorry...

If you missed the Mother’s Day edition, click here to see the full tutorial.

The next two pictures are what the back of the envelopes look like. And here they are all tied up and ready to be shipped!

I grabbed some mini candy bars and when I moved onto the gourmet chocolate, he rolled his eyes and told me I was thinking like a girl.

For my Mother’s Day cans I used the small 7-8 ounce cans. In case you’re wondering, a bag of corn nuts fits perfectly in a normal soup-size can. You can also fit quite a bit fun-sized candy bars in there too.

Here is the list of Open When...'s that I did for this customer Open When...

- A "Sweet Nothing" sticky note to be filled out (purchase HERE) - 1 scratch card (Purchase HERE) Contents of this envelope: - A letter (Needs to be added) - 1 "Why i really really really like you" fill out paper (purchase HERE) - 1 "For the one I love" paper to be filled out - 2 quotes - 3 scratch cards or love lottos (purchase HERE) - Hearts to write things you love about the recipient - Pictures of the couple (to be added) Content of this envelope: - A letter (Needs to be added) - 2 quotes - 1 "High five" fill out paper (purchase HERE) - Star confetti If you noticed, all the envelopes have wax seals on them.

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