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Before you choose to ask the hottie in the cubicle next to you for a date, read the employee handbook.If it's really a major issue with HR, you may want to wait until you have another job lined up before you ask them out.In many cases, if it's not a banned practice at work, people in HR will be okay with you dating your coworker as long as you end up doing things in a professional manner.Here's what they want to see: Most bosses who would date a coworker will not "play favorites," lest they end up getting called pretty foul names or see their professional reputation ruined. The person who gave me this answer just felt that you should go for what you want and just not give a sh*t... I'm not exactly sure what it means but we are just going say it could be anywhere from a committed relationship to sleeping with them.

It's clearly an area of contention considering she felt the need to ask. "It is virtually impossible for two people to be that discreet.” This assumes that it's the kind of environment that requires it to be discreet, which is addressed in the next answer. I am pretty sure that everyone can feel it when there is something going down. There is a huge difference between a law firm and a restaurant, and even then there is a difference between The Hamilton and BTS. What if you have to reprimand a lower-ranked employee for a work concern... Working in the same place as yourmeans you don’t have to carve out any extra time to see them, and they totally understand your complaints about your job and your schedule.

I'm not going judge if that's the case, but I see that as a very uncommon exception to that rule. I realized at this point we had not really defined "dating".

I agree that the environment and type of work factors into the appropriateness of the situation.

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to see why this is the case.

A bad breakup can cause drama in the office, which in turn may force managers to fire a top performer for one reason or another.

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