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A friend who recently started using OKCupid just forwarded me an email she got from the site, containing a funny message from a prospective suitor: "You seem nice. " I clicked on the message, curious to see if the sender was a sexy foreigner for whom English was a second language. Just because I had clicked on an email sent to her, OKCupid thought I was her.Suddenly, I was in my friend's account, staring at all her read and unread messages. OKCupid frequently emails its users new matches, prompts them to update their accounts, and sends them other links to the site.Every student at the college receives a TC3 My Mail email account.This account will be used by faculty, advisors, financial aid, judicial affairs and other staff to communicate important and required information to students.Those "login instantly" links include a token that logs in to the account associated with the email address without asking for a password.

To minimize the chance of viruses, all students are expected to regularly check and respond to email communication from instructors and staff using their college-issued student email address.

"Login instantly" is not new, but it's an unusual choice for a social network, and a potentially alarming feature for a service that many users consider deeply personal.

Furthermore, most users don't seem to be aware of it.

The College may monitor, audit, and review files, directories, and communications to maintain system integrity and to ensure that equipment and systems are used in accordance with College policies and applicable federal and state laws.

NOTE: Firefox is the preferred browser for use with HCC email.

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When your mailbox is upgraded to Exchange 2010 (planned for Summer/Fall 2011), this page will automatically redirect you to the new 2010 Web Client.

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