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And there was some pretty sloppy free pouring of both.

I drank it mindlessly and quickly, so that its buzz hit me before I’d even realized what I’d done. There is only one thing that I am not better at, and that’s dating.He claims to have learned from “renowned pickup artists” but has no means to prove this.His service should be advertised as “how to con a stupid woman into sleeping with your unattractive over confident self”.Sober and single at 34, I realized that I hadn’t even had a boozeless first kiss with someone since my high-school boyfriend planted a peck on my forehead after we’d talked past midnight on the front step of my family’s bungalow. Ever after, I’d relied on alcohol, that WD40 of social interaction, to grease me into each stage of romance.From meeting men all the way to the first (often slurred) “I love you,” I’d long mixed liquor with love.

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Drinking used to be the easiest way to connect with someone.

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