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Old-school customization While you'll get to customize your character's appearance, it seems you won't even have a voice.

In an interview with Polygon, co-creator Leonard Boyarsky revealed the team has taken an "old-school" approach to the game to allow resources to be focused on a complex narrative.

Billing in Project Fi is first and foremost about clarity and accessibility.

When you start service you pay a flat rate of per month to get unlimited calls, texts and 24/7 support — you then select how much data you to use, to the tune of per gigabyte no matter how much you want.

Obsidian through and through Speaking to Tech Radar at E3 2019, senior narrative designer Megan Starks assured us that The Outer Worlds will not disappoint fans of Obsidian's previous games."The things you love about the games that we make, we want to provide to you in The Outer Worlds," Starks told us.

"It is very player-choice driven, we want a really rich story but everything you do has reactivity to it and you can play the way that you want to play whether that’s good, evil, psychopath, whether you want to side with the scientists and try to save the system or whether you want to join the board and reinforce their agenda or if you want to double-cross both of them and do a lone-wolf thing. The games people already like from the studio, you are going to get that same experience here.

Project Fi is an interesting new carrier choice with some great features, like access to two mobile networks and Wifi calling, but perhaps its greatest draw is the way it bills you for service.

It's not unlike many prepaid carriers in that it charges you up front for service that you use in the month, but the way Fi refunds you for unused data, doesn't charge extra for overages, and gives you a clear and concise bill is intriguing.

There's actually a 10 day period from when the "prepaid" bill is finalized and you're charged automatically (there's no manual payment option), during which time you can still change which card you're using to pay via Google Wallet.

There's no penalty either way — you just pay for what you expect to use, and then get the difference settled on the next bill.

If you find yourself buying too little or too much data frequently, you can choose to change how much data is included in your plan at any time.

"The world is affected by your actions Starks also explained that the player's actions not only affects the story but the world around them.

Starks presented the example of Marauder-infested areas, which can be cleared out.

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