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They happen once, and then they’re gone, and they can make or break everything.

A great first impression is exponentially valuable, and so is a fantastic first date.

Ask for the first date a week in advance, not an hour before. Avoid the typical first date cliché of dinner and a movie. Make it a thoughtful Super Date instead of an average, boring and mediocre date.

This lets your date know you’re not scheduling her into a slot that happened to open up because a different date canceled at the last minute. If you really want the first date to go well, plan the type of date you know you’ll both enjoy, and create a great memory. Depending on who you are and who she is, create an exciting itinerary.

You’ll either get written off, or you’ll stand out (in a good way) from the rest of their options. Do whatever you need to do to feel confident and excited. Really give yourself the opportunity to make a great first impression.

Allow yourself to anticipate and mentally prepare for a first date. And when you meet, know that you’re giving one hot first impression. So, remember — don’t choose the clothes off the floor that smell the least offensive. Plan ahead, and use the time between asking and that first date to prepare and savor the excitement.

Another mistake we later regret is agreeing to go on a first date, but not spending the time and energy to get prepared and dressed up— or relegating the first date to inferior weekday status because we didn’t want to risk an entire Saturday night.

In April 2020, the I Ask campaign will enter its second year, as we continue to explore the importance of consent and empower everyone to put it into practice.

In April 2020, the I Ask campaign will enter its second year, as we continue to explore the importance of consent in healthy relationships and empower everyone to put it into practice.

Those ‘hang outs’ are Tinder specials, and those are not real first dates. Please don’t prejudge your first date and expect more of the same disappointment. You’re proving that you’re thoughtful and that you go the extra mile.

Instead, stay in the moment (not the past) and get ready for awesomeness. Don’t trash talk anyone or anything on this first date. A great way to stand out is to bring a gift on the first date. You’re demonstrating that you’re unique and funny and not the average Joe. Throw caution to the wind and quit hedging against bad dates by saving your Saturday night for something better.

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