Dating antique coffers

I recently purchased via e Bay this fine example of a Chubb padlock with serial # 1401260 - marked with makers to her majesty.

Could this be old enough to refer to Queen Victoria?

You can also choose an antique chest based on their origins.

Doing this ensures that you add a piece of furniture that offers a distinctive style to your home.

Meanwhile, chests were designed to be a fixed and permanent fixture at home.

As the name implies, it comes with a flat top that makes it easy to stack on trains or carriages.

This type of chest also has its variations, including those wooden trunk items, particularly pine trunk. Another common type of vintage chest comes with a dome top.

These are also called round top or camel top chests and their dome shape provides extra storage. These types of chests are also made of embossed tin, although now you can find more in terms of the variety of materials used. They are a favorite among collectors because they exhibit fine craftsmanship.

In the olden days, they are often used as travel trunks or what people then also called a steamer trunk.

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The different types of antique chest for sale in the UK at Love Antiques can be categorised based on style.

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