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That's the problem with you and your type of people. Whites aren't the only racist people in this world.

In fact, I will be willing to bet that blacks, like yourself since you brought this to the threshold of conversation, that your more racists than most if not all whites there in Peru.

Hopefully the moderators will delete that post and the troll who posted it.

Machu Picchu should not be the only thing you think of when you think of Peru.

Except to say that this is probably one of those things where ones opinion entirely depends on unique personal experiences which may be completely contrary from others.

Not sure why I'm even responding to a first post troll, anyway.That is because Peru has one of the hottest and sexiest girls in Latin America.Peruvian girls are something special, they are an enigma on their own.I realize the thread parents post has offended you and to a certain extent you have a point.I also want to state that as someone who apparently is a white US person you have a harder time than many people understanding the effects and the insidiousness of racism.

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