Dating an illegal alien

We have three kids who were all born here, who are all American citizens. I pay Social Security tax every week, and I pay income tax every year. My older brothers brought me to Los Angeles to go to school.

Even if my wife and I are illegal, they have a right to be here. I have a driver’s license, and I always drive with insurance, inspection, and registration. Total, we are five brothers and five sisters, and three of my brothers and one sister are here.

This agency’s history of making sure that children are cared for in such a situation is not great, so make sure your children know where to go and who to contact if you are not at home when expected.

They take your money and don’t pick you up, or they leave you someplace bad. I was with a group of men, and for us, there was no river or anything.What's more, a follow-up implementation memo by DHS Secretary Kelly states that "prosecutorial discretion shall not be exercised in a manner that exempts or excludes a specified class or category of aliens from enforcement of the immigration laws." In other words, there is no remaining directive as to who is at the bottom of the list and should be left alone.Recent news reports about indiscriminate ICE raids and deportation of law-abiding family members demonstraet that this new policy is being followed to the letter.I was just a kid, so they didn’t ask me any questions or anything at the border.They just said, “Come on.” I went to junior high in Los Angeles for a year or a year and a half, but things weren’t really good. I was not getting along with my brothers, and there were hard times, like no money for rent, things like that. I had been living with my parents and depending on them, and I was ready not to depend on anyone anymore.

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