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I think the strain between us would put a damper on a joyous day. ANONYMOUSUnless you spoke previously to your friend about being a groomsman, there is no need to break any news to him. The bigger question, for me, is your inability to forgive your friend over a single error (for which he’s apologized) over a lifetime of friendship. And if you’re worrying about your friend before you’ve even asked your girlfriend to marry you, I suspect that excluding him from your wedding party may be a joyless result, too. Maybe it’s time, though, to circle back to him for another conversation about the issues in your relationship? A couple of months ago, a book arrived in the mail. I have no interest in corresponding with him or receiving his gifts, so I didn’t respond. A mandated reporter or young person who faces a specific legal problem should consult with an attorney. The word "allow" means that a child's parent or caregiver knew or "should have known about" abuse to the child by a third party and "did nothing to prevent or stop it."6 To determine whether abuse or neglect has occurred, New York courts require a showing that a parent or guardian failed to exercise a minimum degree of care and therefore generally consider "whether a reasonable and prudent parent would have so acted (or failed to act) under [the] circumstances" that existed at the time.7 2. Mandatory reporters are health and educational professionals who are legally required to report suspected cases of child abuse or neglect to the Statewide Central Register when they have a reasonable suspicion that a child whom they see in their professional capacity is an abused or neglected child.8 Mandatory reporters are: A provision added in 2007 now requires the mandated reporter to personally report suspected child abuse to the Statewide Central Register and inform the director of his or her agency or institution. 2d at 221 (finding no statutory duty to report an instance of abuse against a child committed by someone who could not be the subject of a report when there is no showing that the mother was incapable or unwilling to protect the child from further potential abuse); , 171 A. 1991) (finding that daughter was an abused child because her mother was unwilling or unable to protect her from being sexually abused by her older brother). This is a change from previous law, which called for a medical staff member to first report to a designated agent for the agency or institution, who then was responsible for making the report.10 3. Act § 1012 at 314 (1999) ("‘Allowing' a child to be abused includes taking no appropriate protective (or preventive) action after being warned of the danger to a child"). This FAQ explains that according to New York courts and guidance from the Office of Child & Family Services ("OCFS"), parental knowledge of a minor's voluntary sexual activity does not necessarily give rise to reasonable suspicion of abuse or neglect and should not be reported to the Statewide Central Register, absent other indications of abuse or neglect.

OCFS further clarifies two points: (a) the mere reoccurrence of the sexual activity "does not in and of itself," mean that the parent's response is inappropriate or that a report is required and (b) a parent's support of or involvement in the teen's accessing sexual or reproductive health care services may be a reasonable response, and therefore does not by itself give to a reasonable suspicion of child abuse or neglect.

When must a mandatory reporter make a child abuse report?

Mandatory reporters must report a of child abuse or neglect immediately to the Statewide Central Register.11 A reasonable suspicion must be based upon "articulable facts which, when examined objectively, would lead others to the same conclusion" that a child whom they see in their professional capacity has been abused or neglected.12 Therefore, a proper report is based upon a reasonable suspicion that a parent or caregiver harmed - or allowed a third party to harm - the child. 1984) (finding a mother guilty of neglect because she should have known that her daughter was being sexually abused by the stepfather and failed to act to protect her).

(He looks to be in his mid-20s.) The director of her program told her the relationship was inappropriate and posed risks to her. At best, she makes it out with a bruised heart; at worst, she marries the man and finds herself financially and emotionally ruined. It happens commonly.) Many factors play into attraction: intelligence, humor, looks and — yes — wealth.

If two adults spark, though, the rest of us don’t get a vote.

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