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It’s always good to check that out when looking at a movement. 265 with a flat hairspring, while it’s supposed to have a Breguet overcoil, you can be sure that it’s actually a 269 movement with the wrong balance.

The 30T2 had a few chronometer versions, all of a higher grade than the non-chronometer versions. You can easily recognize the RG by its distinctive regulator.

The edge on the rotor will have an obvious loss of plating. The inner side of the case back will have a characteristic circular trace on it. However, if one part has an almost yellow gold color, and the other one has a deep, dark copper tone, you can be sure they didn’t leave the factory together.

Omega, prior to 1894, was Louis Brandt & Frère – a watch company based in Bienne, which produced watches, prior to the adoption of the Omega name, under a variety of different brand names, including Jura, Patria, and Helvetia.

Of course, you’ll have to do an awful lot of research on your own.

In this part of the identification guide for vintage Omega watches, we’ll focus on the movements.

In 1894, however, the company began production of a movement that was to change watchmaking history, and whose name was to become established as one of the most important in the history of Swiss watchmaking.

This movement was the Omega caliber – a 19‴ (19 ligne; for more info on the ligne as a unit of measurement, check out our story from last year) with several important characteristics.

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