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If your Buescher Trumpet/Cornet bares an engraving of an ELK on the bell, please see the note below the serial number chart.

1) Some of the modern Buescher labeled trumpets from the 1970-present that have serial numbers that do not correspond to this chart.

A second company called "The Martin Band Instrument Company" was founded in 1904 (some sources claim 1906) by the John Heinrich (by now Henry) Martin and his five sons of John Martin. In 1928, Martin acquired controlling interest in The Indiana Band Instrument Company, which operated as a separate company until 1942, when it moved under the flag of Martin to become the producer of student line instruments, a strong and growing market at that time.

In 1871 his factory was destroyed by a fire in Chicago, sources are in conflict about whether it was The Great Chicago Fire, or not.

Most were made post World War II possibly up to 1960.

If you see one of these horns and the owner is claiming they are from the 1920s or 1930s or before, then they are using the wrong serial number chart.

His great grandaughter, Jane Hunter Parker, believes it was.

He then moved to Elkhart, Indiana in 1876 and became the 6th employee of C. Conn Company, where he worked until his health forced him to retire in 1902. Henry Charles Martin, John Henry's oldest son, continued to work for the company until 1923.

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In MOST Buecher trumpets in the 1950s and earlier, you can find the serial number here as well.

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