Dating a man with kids and an ex

It was twice the heartbreak and has made me reevaluate my involvement level in the future." "Miserable.

Just got out of a relationship with a guy who had two from a previous relationship.

Like I wanted to see the same person consistently, but I wasn't looking to plan for a future, so I didn't mind dating people with kids as long as they wanted the same thing, which he claimed he did at first.

Due to a death in his family I became way too involved with his two-year-old daughter way too soon, and he wanted to settle down with me within a couple months of knowing one another. His daughter was awesome, but I didn't want to be a parent figure in her life, and since he was such a young father (21) she was unfortunately stunting his personal and professional growth, and I didn't have it in me at that stage in my life to be with someone who would be a 'project'.

It's a stupid ticking time bomb as far as I'm concerned, and I look forward to the moment when the older girl figures it out (which she will)." "I left him in part because of it.

At 24 I'd just come out of an engagement/relationship that had lasted nearly a decade, and was looking for casual relationships.

I did have a short fwb [friends with benefits] relationship with someone with two preteens but it ended largely because working around when the kids were around and when he could get away was ridiculous.I never thought our relationship would become as serious as it did in the first place.I loved him very much but I just wasn't about that life.And when things were supposed to go back to normal, they rarely did.I'm glad I'm no longer in that relationship as it has, in part, turned me off from ever being with a man who has kids, especially if his ex is immature." "I'm polyamorous - my husband and I are childfree, but my boyfriend of four years has two children.

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