Dating a guy with bad breath

Maybe move your head from one direction to the other halfway through.

Now, this detailed instruction on how to be more unpredictable when kissing a man is more appropriate for a kiss when you’ve been dating a while.

It may seem silly to worry about him chasing you when you’re only having your first kiss, but you need to be aware of everything you communicate when you’re with this guy because it all adds up to how he sees you and how much he does or doesn’t want you over time. You’re a grown ass woman and you’re not afraid to make the first move.

This guy may totally be into you taking charge, but you don’t yet know if that’s the case on that first kiss.

You may be so into this guy that you can’t wait to lock lips. Every man you will kiss in your life will have a different style.

If you’re in a hurry, you might miss the signs that he’s not as excited about kissing you as you are him.

First off, I know this is a silly trend, but it was on my mind.

If you want to show interest when you see the guy for the second date, give him that peck on the cheek kiss.

It’s going to boost his confidence and make him realize that you’re interested in him.

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