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There are a lot of people who think that every German woman looks like Heidi Klum.Sorry to disappoint you guys, but that’s totally not true.Let’s just say that if there were no Italian, South American, and Spanish guys living in Germany, you would basically have no competition at all.This is a commonly used joke used by many people, but there is some truth in it.The thing is that German guys are usually not that direct and don’t chat up girls that often.They do start conversations and everything sometimes, it’s just that they are not that straight forward.Girls are not used to this, so don’t be turned off if she looks surprised or just smiles without flirting back.

If you want to be rewarded with a meaningful connection with a German girl, you need to get to know them first and be patient.

Having a straight forward approach in bars and clubs in Germany is great, but too much psychical contact is a big no no.

You can tell her how she looks beautiful, dead gorgeous, and attractive.

This is great news because all the gorgeous tens are desperate and lonely, so you will have a chance to sweep them of their feet. You should keep that in mind when walking up to a girl.

They don’t like when someone beats around the bush and they prefer a direct straight forward approach.

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