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This name later was applied to the coastal area between Mount Cameroon and Rio Muni.

The East province is also home to the Baka, a tropical forest forager (pygmy) group of about thirty thousand to forty thousand living in small camps that exchange forest products with nearby farmers.The social organization and culture of the Grassfielders are closely related to those of the French-speaking Bamiléké peoples of the Western province.Like the Bamiléké, Grassfielders often are in opposition to the central government.The educational system and legal practices derive from those of England.The French-speaking region consists of the remaining eight provinces, where French is the lingua franca, the French school system is used, and the legal system is based on the statutory law of continental Europe. Tension between the two regions increased after the introduction of a multiparty political system in the 1990s.

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The peoples of the Southwest province had less hierarchical systems of governance and social organization.

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