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It’s been five months since I wrote “7 Reasons Why You Should Friend Cambodian Women on Facebook.” During that time, I followed my own advice and became Facebook friends with a bunch of Cambodian women. So I now feel compelled to present the 7 Reasons Why You Should Never “Friend” Cambodian Women on Facebook. You friends and family back home do not need to know what you are doing in Cambodia. I’ve always advocated that you should keep your Cambodia life separate from your life back in your home country.When most Cambodian women were old enough to help out around the house, they worked. In person, most young Cambodian women are happy, pleasant, charming individuals.No one paid for them to take yoga classes and equestrian lessons. They are quick with a smile, and they love to laugh and have fun.Cambodians don’t understand the concept of Facebook tagging.A Cambodian woman will post a photo of just herself and then randomly “tag” 15-20 friends’ names to the photo for no apparent reason. So what ends up happening is that your own Facebook profile will soon be dominated by a bunch of random photos of Cambodian chicks eating dinner, attending weddings, and posing in bathroom mirrors.Her Facebook profile and photos will tell you how she spends her free time and how many white dudes she has probably slept with.Most Western women apparently live in fear of stalkers, bill collectors, and identify thieves, so they always have their Facebook profiles set to “private.” You can’t see any of their profile photos or learn any information about them at all unless they first accept your “friend request.” Fortunately, Cambodian women have no such privacy hangups.

They will soon know all about each other, and they will be able to contact each other to compare notes.

Sure, they probably assume that you’re drunkenly snorting cocaine off an impoverished hooker’s stomach, but it’s still better if they don’t see photographic proof of this.

One of the problems with Facebook is that, with the exception of private messaging, your interactions with your Facebook friends are generally visible to all of your other friends.

Imagine if you post a photo of your five year old niece, and then one of your Cambodian female friends comments that the photo is “sexy nas.” That’s the kind of stuff they do. Facebook has a feature called photo “tagging.” When you post a photo, you have the option to identify other people who are in the photo by “tagging” their names to the photo.

This means that your photo will be publicized not just to your friends, but also to all of the friends of the person who you just “tagged” in the photo.

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