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I practice to live the fullest and happiest life possible.That requires developing myself with the tools and lessons provided by the Buddha.I had to deal with many questions of my Buddhist faith.Most of my family is heavily invested into their Christianity and to them, the concepts of any other faith are considered false.On the “Sermon on the Mount” Jesus states many concepts that would agree with many Buddhist traditions: In many ways, this seminal talk of Jesus encompasses almost all of the major concepts of Buddhism.

If a Christian can grow and develop his faith by adding the tools of the Buddha, then I see it as a good thing. To practice Buddhism for a goal to reach Nirvanna is to miss the point of my Buddhist practice.As a American Theravadan Buddhist, my practice and understanding of Buddhism does differ in flavor.Each year, I help organize a multi-traditional Vesak ceremony (the celebration of the Birth, Enlightenment and Passing of the Buddha).It is up to man to make his volitional choices using his free will, and making his own happiness.The story of Job tells of the story of a faithful man who is beset by all sorts of misfortune, but he “chooses” to keep his faith.

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So how do you speak with a Christian that is trying to understand that Buddhism a wholesome practice for everyone? The first issue that must be addressed, I realized, is that when we say Christian or Buddhist there is an assumption that all Buddhists and Christians practice their faiths homogenously. Ask a Catholic about their faith and it becomes clear that there are very significant differences between that belief system and that of a Protestant, Mormon, Baptist, etc.

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