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Christmas and new years is coming up, I don't feel like being without him yet.Any comments would be so appreciated, thank you all!!!he thinks I am screaming when I am irritated and I am not. He lost his son who is nonverbal autistic but he knows everything going on around him. He warned me he was going to call the cops On me and eventually did.He has been committed before and I tried to help him and stand by him. Now he believes I am the cause of him being committed but we were not seeing each other at that time. Defacs brought him to my house and asked me to take him. He told them he was afraid his ex girlfriend (me) was going to hurt him which couldn't be farther from the truth. I left his house because I was panicking and got pulled over by the cops he called .This makes total sense now, as his best friend recently told me he was bipolar. One day it's "I love you, dear." the next it's "God, you always worry about everything, it's irritating." You never know what tomorrow will be like. I am writing in here because I just have to get it out! I know for a fact his father loves him but he is safer where he is until his father takes his meds. I am scared to call police because of his threats and I believe him. When we got back to his house he told me he doesn't love me anymore and that I need to leave.I really need to find a way to deal with him and whatnot, if i'm going to live around him. He can be so wonderful at times and other times he thinks I am glaring at him when I am looking at him because he is talking. I took his father back and now I regret it more then anything. I was curled up on the couch sobbing and couldn't drive.ugh, he has bipolar disorder two, I don't know what that is but I guess that is why he is so moody, raises his voice, seems to be mad at me about something weekly.When things are good, oh my god, it is so good, how do you deal with a boyfriend that has this mood disorder and you love him, and love his friendship...

It sounds to me that he is able to control his life in ways such as holding a job so his emotions aren't hopeless.Hi, i am kind of in the same situation, the thing is the guy I am seeing has bipolar and he uses this as an excuse not to commit to me, im in the same sitiuation as you in the sense that when things are good they are good, he is lovely and pays me lots of attention but then when he goes into an episode I wont hear from him for days and then when I go to his house he is saying he is to tired beacuse of the amount of work he has on then I will try (for the hundreth time) to have the 'us' conversation, he just says because of his bipolar he is unable to make a descion..I have found that researching bipolar in depth it has givin me the chance to talk him about it, site can give you advice on how to tackle talking to your partner and aslo the sites have givin me an insite as to how his mind is working and I found lots of useful things that have helped me in the sense that I can understand why he does and says the things he does which aee hurtful or out of the blue, i would type bipolar into google or go to the library and do some reasearch it does help Wow i dont feel alone anymore my boyfriend well ex but we are still together.First I thought he never liked me, and was playing me. The thing is, when he would get mad about even the smallest thing he would get SO mad and not talk to me for three or more days.Then I thought he was using me, or he was unsure of what he wanted/afraid of commitment. Out of the blue he will get in my face and say I am in his face..has put finger print bruises on my neck, face, arms... This started happening more and more recently because he quit his job and has been at home a lot. On Friday we went to the brew fest and started fighting.

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we broke up because we kept arguing and he would go through that episode where he would just dissapear.

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