Dating a banker

Dear GB, First I must confess I love reading your blog! There are, of course, a few stories with some similar characteristics.

However, not having blogged for the last few years, I'm not sure whether I've answered exactly the same question before so I decide to look through my Dear GB "back catalogue".

In that case, the reader who sent me the email had stopped having sex with his boyfriend many years before he emailed me, because the boyfriend had rejected the reader's physical advances.

The email asks whether he should finally move on, after having being together for 25 years.

I think it may have been in April/May this year that I really realised the brutality of this career.

That post contains an email from a reader who had been with his boyfriend for almost 10 years, and it had got to the point where they only had sex maybe once a month, even though the reader says that his boyfriend used to have a crazy sex drive.The reason that I mention this is because when I read the reader's email carefully, it seems likely to me that his boyfriend is more dominant in their relationship than he is.The reader says that the current situation just happened.One night T got some time off on a Friday - his colleagues and bosses pushed him to get out of the office.... and any more..possibly would have been hospitalised.....When I saw T he wasn't himself...was exhausted, eyes sunken....barely able to put words together...tired....told me his nose had started bleeding and he felt sick and stressed constantly and just wanted to get in a cab and go home.....

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