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Just how do you get a young lady (or gentleman) to take a chance on you, anyway?You just need a little something to break the ice, if you know what I mean.You must have a good job, a decent income and future prospects.A mature woman isn't interested in a starter kit; she wants someone who is somewhat established and confident.Okay, so that just may be one of the weirdest analogies that I've ever made but it's still true.What better way is there to get your love interest's attention than by using strategic pick up lines?

Make eye contact, ask her about herself and engage her in conversation. A mature woman is likely to smell a fake from a mile away, and she won't waste her time. Be warm, friendly, make eye contact again, smile and tell her you can't wait to see her again--and odds are that you will.Holding open doors, please and thank you, pulling her chair out for her, and offering assistance in any way are usually very attractive actions to women, but especially to a mature woman.When you are ready to approach her, smile warmly and extend your hand as you introduce yourself.In today's society, more people of all ages, in all stages of life are finding themselves single.More older women are single today, and are interested in dating.

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