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In essence, it’s a chatbot, but one with the added “bonus” of having a body to go alongside the voice.Touch Samantha’s hands and she’ll say things like “I love this,” while kissing her or touching her mouth will yield a different response. Oh, and occasionally she’ll request songs on Pandora to improve the mood!With advanced machine learning algorithms and natural language processing enabled, these chatbots can create maps linking symptoms and diseases.Chatbots in the industry for medical care, ask some standard questions and help create a profile based on age, sex, and medical history.

This project was different.” Without getting into what Freud would make of that rationale, Santos insists there’s more to Samantha than simply cybercoitus.

If so, you may be interested in Barcelona-based engineer Sergi Santos’ new robotic dolls.

Called Samantha, the life-size dolls are designed to replicate, erm, sexual acts — but with artificial intelligence that means she’ll respond to different touches by showing supposed emotional reactions.

“Tools like [Amazon’s] Alexa are interesting, but the ultimate goal of everybody is to build something with a body and a brain, right? “I wanted to do something that would make my mother say ‘wow’ when she sees it.

My mother never said that about any of the other things that I showed her.

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