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CVS allows you to add users independently of the underlying OS installation which is both a good thing and a bad thing.Probably the easiest way from a management point of view is to use the Linux users for CVS as well although this does have a few minor security issues since this is just a home network we will grin and bear it.I find that this is best included in /etc/profile since there is no security problems associated with all the users knowing where the repository is only with them being able to access it.

export CVSROOT=/usr/local/cvsroot Because of the client-server architecture this CVSROOT can be situated at a different machine and you need to have an account on that machine to access it: export CVSROOT=:sparc:/usr/local/cvsroot You're prompted for a user name and a password, for :[email protected]: only for a password. In practical situation (like with a dedicated cvs-server) you don't want user accounts for the server with access to cvs-files.

Change the Group Ownership to be what ever the group was that you created above.

Once this is done the CVS users "own" the cvs repository and can from now on create lock files in it.

You want the cvs files owned by a user cvs (maybe with tight privileges) and no users running shells on your servers.

The person who administrates cvs-users is probably less knowledgeable and less trusted than the system-administrator of the server.

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A pserver is also a service, present in the of the cvs-server.

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