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In this particular exercise, we wish to examine whether there is a relationship between local climate (precipitation) and tree rings using white oak (Quercus alba) in southeastern Ohio.

Each field team should obtain the appropriate field supplies from their instructor and obtain 3 increment cores from white oak trees at the chosen field site.

The Uniformitarian Principle The Principle of Limiting Factors The Principle of Aggregate Tree Growth The Principle of Ecological Amplitude The Principle of Site Selection The Principle of Crossdating The Principle of Replication Please consult the Primer on Statistics to refresh yourself on the basic principles of correlation and regression that may be used to analyze tree growth patterns and the relationship of climatic variables to annual growth.

The purpose of this lab is to learn the basic field, lab, and computational procedures necessary to conduct dendrochronological research.

Tree count studies have been done before and generally the number was thought to be about 400 billion.

Crowther’s study bumped the number up more than sevenfold.

by William Abbott, April 13, 2016: A 2015 Yale University press release announced that Thomas Crowther, a research scientist at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, had completed a landmark study where he estimated the global number of trees to be three trillion.Analysis Methods details the computational steps required to address our question regarding the relationship between climate and ring widths.This laboratory originated from a paper presented in the Education Section at the Annual Meeting of The Ecological Society of America, Snowbird, Utah, 6-August-2000. With two exceptions, all photographs appearing on this site were taken by Darrin L. This site was designed for the immediate use of the Plant Ecology class of Ohio University, but we welcome its use by other students and teachers wishing to learn or communicate the basics of dendrochronology.Skeleton plotting is a bit of an acquired skill, and there is certainly some art to it.Fortunately, Paul Sheppard has produced an awesome web site that explains the concept of crossdating tree rings and provides an inter-active tutorial for you to practice on to learn the skill.

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