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George’s Hall before hundreds of members of Parliament, governors and others.His remarks, which lasted 47 minutes, were interrupted repeatedly by thunderous applause, standing ovations and at the end chants of “Russia, Russia.” Some in the audience wiped tears from their eyes.

Our services are strictly for persons 18 or more years old.“That’s the way it was with the expansion of NATO in the East, with the deployment of military infrastructure at our borders.They always told us the same thing: ‘Well, this doesn’t involve you.’ ”The speed of Mr.In his remarks he made clear that Russia was prepared to withstand worse punishment in the name of restoring a lost part of the country’s historic empire, effectively daring world leaders to sever political or economic ties and risk the consequences to their own economies. Putin, the country’s paramount leader for more than 14 years, appeared to be gambling that the outrage would eventually pass, as it did after Russia’s war with Georgia in 2008, because a newly assertive Russia would be simply too important to ignore on the world stage.As with any gamble, though, the annexation of Crimea carries potentially grave risks. Putin declared that “not a single shot” had been fired in the military intervention in Crimea, a group of soldiers opened fire as they stormed a Ukrainian military mapping office near Simferopol, killing a Ukrainian soldier and wounding another, according to a Ukrainian officer inside the base and a statement by Ukraine’s Defense Ministry.

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Putin has said very little in public about his ultimate goals.

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