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She would sit on the curb outside her house trying to pick out her birth mother from the passersby on their way to the streetcar.

“I had all kinds of stories about who she was.” She narrowed it down to one commuter she named Ginger, a glamorous beauty, and the Drunk Lady.

The story begins with Elsie Fox; she was Linda’s grandmother and Courtney’s great-grandmother (see family tree), though neither one knew she existed until 13 years ago.Turns out Elsie was Courtney’s intellectual wild-child doppelgänger.She partied hard with her husband, Paul Fox, and his cousin Douglas Fairbanks, and wrote screenplays so godawful that Graham Greene called one, Last Train From Madrid, “the worst movie I ever saw.” “They were wild,” says Linda.“She answered the door and said, ‘Are you a Jehovah’s Witness? She was very cold.” This opinion is shared by Elsie’s daughter, Paula Fox (Linda’s mother).’ I said, ‘No, actually I’m your granddaughter.’ She was really remarkable, really fun. According to Paula, Elsie meant to abort Paula but didn’t notice she was pregnant in time, and so dumped her in a foundling home in New York.

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“It is similar to [Kurt Cobain’s] diary in that it will be comprised in part of direct reproductions of her diary pages . And Hank Harrison, Linda’s estranged first husband and Courtney’s estranged bio dad, plans to publish his retort, tentatively titled Love Kills: The Assassination of Kurt Cobain (Arkives Press), in Dirty Blonde‘s publicity slipstream.

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